How to Make Cute Handprint Sheep!

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Make these super handprint sheep with your child. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills & imaginary play!

Perfect for Spring, Easter, farm or Baa Baa Black Sheep themed activities, these handprint sheep are simple to make yet oh so cute!

What You Need:

Adult Prep:

1) Cut out the Baa Baa Black Sheep Handprint Template

2) Pour some of the black paint into a shallow tray or similar with a flat base

How to Play:

Either paint your child’s palm & fingers or put their whole hand into the paint – palm down with fingers spread

hand print sheep - child painting hand with black paint

Put their hand onto the white card & press it down gently so you can get the very best print

hand print sheep - child making handprint on paper with black paint

Wash those hands while waiting for the paint to dry!

Cut out the handprint (minus the thumb!)

hand print sheep - set of 3 different sized handprints

Glue the sheep template to the top of the handprint so that the fingers become the sheep’s legs

**You could also make some adult & sibling handprints so you get a variety of sizes

hand print sheep - set of 3 different sized sheep

There are lots of fun things you can do with your handprint sheep:

  • Use them to act out the Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme as you sing (use our Lyrics Sheet to help you!)
  • Use them as decorations: great for farm, Easter or Spring themed displays or parties
  • Glue them onto a background designed by your child, for example, a farm or field landscape

Make It Easier:

You will be able to make these handprint sheep even with small babies, but of course, you will need to make the sheep yourself. Once made, try these simple play ideas:

  • Create a mobile i.e. hang the sheep from a wire or similar. Babies will love watching the sheep float around above them!
  • Make a simple stick puppet: attach your sheep to a paper straw/lollipop stick – move the stick puppet around in front of your baby to support their eye-tracking development, concentration & interaction

Make It Harder:

Is your child ready to extend their fine motor & imaginative skills further? Try these ideas:

  • Talk about different farm animals & farm-related songs/rhymes, for example, ‘This Little Piggy’ or ‘Old Macdonald’. Make more handprint animals such as cows, pigs or goats
  • Puppet show: ask your child to make up a story about the sheep & use the puppets to tell their story. They could also use the puppet(s) to act out a favourite sheep themed storybook
  • Challenge your child to cut out the sheep template themselves (with child-safe scissors) & then glue onto the handprint


1. Experiment with different art materials, seeing what they can do with each item & practise using fine motor movements
2. Follow simple instructions given by an adult
3. Develop speech & language skills through imaginary play with the sheep & by listening to & joining in with the familiar Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme
4. Develop early maths concepts related to size & shape – for example comparing the different sized sheep

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