Make a Pizza! Play Dough Pizza Activity

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Get creative with this fun play dough pizza activity!

Develop fine motor skills & imagination with this play dough pizza set up

Play Dough Pizza activity - set up of items including dough, utensils & toppings

What You Need:

Play Dough Pizza Activity set up of activity with dough, cutters & toppings

Adult Prep:

1) Set up the different items in a tray

2) Make (or buy) the playdough

3) To make the playdough:

  • Mix together the flour, oil, salt & cream of tartar in a bowl
  • Add the food colourings into the cup of boiling water & mix until dissolved.
  • Add the coloured cup of boiling water into the playdough mix
  • Knead the mixture with your hands until the flour is completely absorbed (careful it will be very hot at first!). If the playdough is too sticky, add more flour.
  • Let it cool

How to Play:

Let your child get creative & explore making pizzas independently with the provided items

Play Dough Pizza Activity - child playing

This was one of our creations!

Play Dough Pizza Activity - finished pizza creation with different items on playdough

You can talk to your child as they play, discussing what they’re doing & why. Ask what each item may represent & encourage counting as they add items

Make It Easier:

Is your child too young to complete this independently? Try these ideas:

  • Just provide your child with taste-safe play dough for them to explore. Let them see what they can do with it using their senses.

Make It Harder:

Is your child ready to develop their fine motor skills & imagination further? Try these ideas:

  • Task them to make pizzas to order, for example, make a pizza with 4 mushrooms (pom poms), 2 green peppers (pipe cleaners) & some sweetcorn (dried split peas)
  • Use our play dough mat as a template for creating pizzas that require more fine motor skills such as rolling the dough to make shapes


1. Enhance hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills, for example, manipulating their hands to cut & roll play dough & place small items onto the pizzas
2. Develop creativity & explore a range of different media
3. Begin to play independently, developing confidence & self-esteem as they do so
4. Develop language skills as they discuss what they are doing, practising stringing words together & building sentence structure.

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