How to Make a Cotton Wool Sheep Craft

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Make this simple cotton wool sheep craft with your toddler. This fun glueing activity helps develop fine motor skills & spatial awareness!

Follow our step by step instructions to make this cute cotton wool sheep craft

What You Need:

cotton wool sheep craft - items ready to make - scissors, template, glue & cotton wool

Adult Prep:

1) Print the Baa Baa Black Sheep Template

2) Prepare a pile of cotton wool balls (or pieces)

How to Play:

1) With your toddler, spread the glue across the sheep’s body

otton wool sheep craft - child putting glue onto sheep template

2) Show your little one how to stick the cotton wool balls down onto the sheep, then let them try independently. This is a great support for the development of their ‘pincer grip’

how to make a cotton wool sheep - child pressing cotton wool balls onto sheep template

3) Fill all of the sheep’s body with the cotton wool. If you wish, cut out the finished sheep

cotton wool sheep craft - completed sheep!

Make It Easier:

Is your child too young for this activity? Try these simple ideas:

  • Make a smaller version of the sheep & put on a paper straw/lollipop stick to make a simple puppet. Move around in front of your baby to support eye-tracking development & concentration span
  • Give your baby cotton wool balls & a small container of water. Keeping the cotton wool away from their mouths, let baby drop the balls into the water & squeeze for some fun sensory play

Make It Harder:

Is your child ready to stretch their fine motor & art skills further? Try these ideas:

  • Challenge your child to cut out the sheep template themselves (with child-safe scissors)
  • Paint the finished sheep black – you could either use ready-mixed paint or challenge them to make the colour black
  • Get your child to design their own background for the sheep, for example, a field or farmyard


1. Develop fine motor skills, particularly their pincer grip
2. Experiment with different art materials, seeing what they can do with each item
3. Follow simple instructions given by an adult

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